|My Journey|

PDX Native

Nike Athlete

Certified Trainer

Travel Ends Nowhere



Gym Sesh

When I go to the gym alone, I think I scare people. This isn’t some meathead joke about how big I am…

I’m completely comfortable with myself. When you add that too loving the gym as much as I do, you get a really happy Zach working out haha

My constant head bobbing, dancing, and lip syncing in between sets really puzzles people.

Why is he so happy? The men are usually quite homophobic but also intimidated in a way.

The women usually smile or they act like I don’t exist lol I’m not jumping all over the place like a mad person, putting people at a safety risk but I enjoy my life. ESPECIALLY WHEN I LIFT ;)

I just wanted to share an experience with the fit-fam…does anyone else have similar experiences or comments?!


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